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The music palace at Al Mouj is for kids who enjoy music and art. This camp targets kids aged two years and above. Once the child enrolls, they get the opportunity to train with professionals in the field of music. Kids get to engage in activities such as playing the piano and other instruments, ballet and breakdancing. There are vocal lessons offered at the camp; for instance, there is the do-re-mi class for youngsters aged 2 to 6 years. The Music palace prides itself for giving comprehensive training to kids interested in music. After completing the camp, parents will be amazed at the talent that their child will possess. There are innumerable benefits to be harnessed from engaging in music all summer. The do-re-mi class, for example, not only helps the child excel in music, but also aids in brain development. Scientific research supports the fact that learning music helps to boost one’s memory, enhance creativity, and improve self-esteem. Furthermore, the Music class is a great place for kids to interact with others during the summer and make new friends.

Course Details

Piano, other instruments, ballet etc


Key Events and Dates

June 10 - September 4



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