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Muscat Music & Art Academy’s mission is to lay out a groundwork which will provide a well-rounded musical and artistic education for its students. MMAA’s teaching philosophy is built around result based fast progression, which prioritizes being student-friendly and as enjoyable as possible. Our academy also is very concerned with its ability to present a well-structured and organized system that makes sure the progress of the students is perfectly observable and measurable. MMAA gives its students the ability to pursue music and art career at the highest level possible in the best universities and colleges and to enable them to teach others after 6-7 years of training in our institute. We are determined to provide a quality education for anyone who enters through our doors.


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music, art, dance, singing

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    Muscat, Oman, Al Muntazah Street Shatti Al Qurum, Building No 567, Office No:11, 1st Floor



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