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The core objective of Little Academy Nursery is to bring world class nursery education for children of any nationality in Oman. The quality of education that is offered at Little Academy Nursery is at par with the best institutions in the world, giving students the chance to fully develop their Mental, Physical, Social and Psychological capacities at full potential. 

We at Little Academy Nursery are passionate about teaching – not just academics but life-skills, helping our children grow as “responsible” and “thinking” adults. At Little Academy Nursery we put equal weightage on academics and co-curriculum activities. All our teachers are qualified professionals who have years of experience teaching at various local and international schools and are geared to bring their expertise to help our children achieve their highest potential. Throughout the year children will be exposed through various initiatives aimed at promoting out of the box thinking and creative solution making.

Little academy nursery believes that a fit body clothes a healthy mind. Our expert instructors through unique fitness programs will support our children in their overall physical development.

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