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The Blooms yoga summer camp introduces kids to yoga from an early age. Whereas yoga is celebrated for its benefits among adults, people are beginning to appreciate its benefits to children. According to yoga experts, introducing yoga to children is beneficial as it paves the way for a healthy lifestyle. The yoga practice helps children to harness the benefits of yoga such as longer attention spans, sleep improvements, and increased self-awareness. Yoga provides a means for children to escape the daily pressures of modern life. Unlike sports, yoga is not competitive. Yoga also helps children develop empathy, and become more confident and kind individuals.

During the yoga summer camp, kids get to engage in a variety of activities. These activities include exploring various themes through storytelling, yoga, and art. Kids also get to prepare a theme-related snack. Kids Summer Yoga Camp aims to teach children yoga techniques that will help them in their young lives and even as they progress to adulthood. The program allocates sufficient time for kids to engage in fun activities such as playing games and singing.

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May 28 - August 7



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