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Who doesn’t want to learn some fantastic teenage mutant ninja turtles moves? Well, the answer is most kids enjoy wrestling, kicking, playing ninja or any other activities that make them feel like they’re in a superhero movie. If your kid enjoys these activities, the Martial Arts fitness academy is the best place to enrol them this summer. Kids at the dojo get to learn taekwondo which is an ancient Korean practice and has significant benefits to the body. Taekwondo benefits the body physically by making muscles flexible, strong and durable. Mentally, taekwondo helps the brain develop a sharp focus. Participants are also likely to experience improved memory and a great attention span. On the other hand, the karate classes offer children a chance to break bricks and use their elbows for defense. However, you do not need to worry about injuries as there are protective gears used during the training. There are other fun activities included such as outings, barbeque nights, team building, among others. By the end of the program, the child will have acquired self-defense skills, leadership capabilities, and self-discipline.

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May 28 - October 2



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