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Children enrolled at CIM feel safe, happy and each receives individual attention from qualified, nurturing staff members who show them respect and care. ​We utilize a theme based curriculum customized for CIM & Montessori which is child centered, focuses on key developmental stages which allows children to naturally learn self-discipline through hands-on learning. CIM’s environment is clean, safe and orderly. We have an abundance of stimulating toys and equipment both indoors and outdoors.Our programme is child-centered. Children explore and learn at their own pace, selecting their own activities. And as they are choosing from their own areas of interest, they learn readily. ​Parents are respected and encouraged to participate by sharing their knowledge and suggestions while their child is enrolled at CIM.Our goal is to take every opportunity to inspire our little students through a creative and healthy balance of teacher-guided and student-guided activities. CIM Nursery offers a unique daycare and Montessori based pre-school experience for children aged 3 months to 4 years. We are committed to provide parents with the best start and care for their children. Conveniently located in heart of Muscat / Ghala. We utilize a theme based curriculum customized for CIM and also incorporate Montessori practical activities for all age groups. We believe this approach reflects the needs of parents and the students who attend CIM while instilling the value of learning.CIM Nursery follows an international theme based curriculum which are organised under three main categories: Me & My Community, Ecosystems and Nature. Every day there is a hands on activity which gives the children an opportunity to have a complete understanding of how they relate to their expanding world.​Within the three categories are monthly themes that help the little preschoolers construct knowledge and build real life experiences that are also Montessori inspired. Children are introduced to the themes around the age of 12 months and the themes are carried through up to our Reception level groups. Regular assessments are conducted to track where the children are in their developmental journey at CIM Nursery and ongoing parent teacher meetings are held throughout the year.

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Daycare 3 months to 12 months, 12 months to 24 months. Early Learning 24 months to 36 Months. Reception 36Months Plus


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 Way No 6303, Villa 401a Ghala, Bawshar


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